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Kökbörü – Brutal, elegant, fast-paced and downright bloody cool!

Brutal, elegant, fast-paced and downright bloody cool! Kökbörü, the most popular national sport in Kyrgyzstan.

Not so much a blog post, I just wanted to change the ‘featured image’ from being a beautiful picture of some SIM cards to something a little more exciting. Yesterday, 31st of August, marked Kyrgyzstan’s independence from the Soviet Union. As a gesture of respect we went to watch the head-less, hoof-less carcass of a goat get dragged and thrown around a pitch for sixty minutes by two teams of Kyrgyz blokes on horses.

Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of action footage in our Central Asia film, soon to be on release to the general public. A pre-warning the film will include some VERY explicit footage of animal slaughtering.


5 Responses to “Kökbörü – Brutal, elegant, fast-paced and downright bloody cool!”

  1. oooh bladdy nora!


    Posted by Mum/Marian | September 2, 2012, 6:23 pm
  2. Think Marian said it all! xxx Mum jen


    Posted by Mum - Jen | September 3, 2012, 8:56 am
  3. I’ve always wanted to see that! Awesome… thinking of you guys – keep on pedalling.


    pete Reply:

    You’d'a liked it. Loads of limp carcass action! Thinking of you too Eddy. wanna meet us somewhere in SE Asia next year?


    mary Reply:

    EEEeeeeeddieeeee!! Just to reiterate…fancy meeting us somewhere for some adventure? Just say yes, the rest is easy! Ma-hoosive hugs for you Eddie!! Miss you. Hi to all the Kinersleys too! xxxxx


    Posted by Ed | September 5, 2012, 9:42 am

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