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Vaporized goats cheese and other smells from the road

Mmmmmmm smell that washing powder!

Unless you drive very slowly with your head hanging out the window of your car and your nostrils flared and forward facing, you may not have noticed the sheer variety and pungency of smells the open road has on offer. They’re not all bad, but roadkill not yet fully dried out by the sun really packs a punch. Since the beginning or our ride we have very regularly come across and ridden through the thick, chewy stench of roadkill in its different stages of decomposition. From the subtle aroma of a dried out deer carcass firmly embedded into the hedge, to the full blown, practically visible reek of a wild dog crushed as it innocently chased the wheels of a passing lorry.
Putting the morbid and gruesome to one side. We have experienced many beautiful and life affirming nasal experiences as we cycled from country to country. A couple of days ago as we were gliding along some of the long, flat roads of rural Serbia we both noticed a surprisingly strong sweet crispy smell emanating from a huge pile of freshly picked carrots. The day we crossed from France into Germany marked the beginning of beautifully perfumed plum orchards. Practically tasting the plums as we inhaled the sweet air (not as pleasurable when it comes to roadkill), the smell was nearly thirst quenching. Goats are an old favourite. We’ve had this everywhere, although it occurred probably most frequently in France. The musty smell of goat goes a long way, almost as if the air has been penetrated with vaporized goats cheese, reminds me of the goat in the lane down the road from Mum and Dad’s house. Other nasal experiences so far include hoppy breweries, sticky smelling hemp fields, recently washed laundry, the smell of other people’s dinners cooking and more recently the dog poo I rode in as we arrived in Belgrade this afternoon.

Fresh smells from the road


3 Responses to “Vaporized goats cheese and other smells from the road”

  1. AAH good old dog poo and bikes! :) I once dropped my combination bike lock into a huge pile of dog poo….



    pete Reply:

    Hey And(y)rew. I love the added detail of it being a combination lock… HA HA!


    Posted by Andy Degnen | October 3, 2011, 7:32 pm
  2. Trod in some pungent dog poo on the cliffs this aft so am pretty aware of certain smells. Where did you get your scatalogical bent from my son???
    Hurry up and get somewhere nice to hunker down for the winter and get ready for a stream of visitors….
    Christmas cards in the shops already, can you bloney believe it eh?
    Weahter has turned here now and today it was definitely autumn with a good old sou’wester banging into the cliffs around Pleinmont and it was dark before 7 boo hoo


    Posted by Mum/Marian | October 6, 2011, 6:46 pm

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