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Turkmenistan power-break

A mini-break in Turkmenistan Ahhhhh HA HA HA!! A Turkmen woman with the standard set of gold knashers The Turkmen Time-Trial or Turkmen Dash… two of the names for the five day bike ride across this mysterious and closed country of friendly folk, gold teeth, disco-dining, barren desert, blistering sunshine, ridiculously bad road surfaces, mosquitoes [...]

Passports please

Having read several blog entries, along with warnings from the Lonely Planet, we weren’t particularly surprised when we got pulled over by two ‘plain-clothes policeman’ in an unmarked white car demanding to see our passports. If we weren’t already suspicious by the lack of any visual evidence confirming that the two had even the most [...]

Istanbul to Iran the movie

Istanbul to Iran Having had an amazing time seeing out the cold winter months in Istanbul, this is part two of our bike ride across Turkey. Banjo by Pete Guitar by Mary Turkish music by some Turkish guys in a restaurant in Istanbul Apologies for some of the dodgy audio quality

Sitting Turkeys

Sleeping in the show-room If you’ve read many other cycle-blogs then you won’t be surprised, in fact you’re probably expecting to read gushing reports of encounters with friendly and hospitable locals, tales of psychopathic dogs and beaming descriptions of stunning landscapes. I think we’ve successfully ticked these boxes, so no more of that… except for [...]

Collect 100 coins to progress to the next level

Sunshine in a bottle Could it be that Turkey has an abundance of Lucazade or Irn Bru? Maybe there’s a glut of cooking oil or perhaps people just like driving around with plastic bottles of watered-down honey? Over the course of two days I took about 200 photos of these glistening bottles of amber nectar [...]

Read our feature in issue 4 of The Gallery Magazine Guernsey

Open publication – Free publishing – More gallery Read about our trip in issue 4 of Gallery Magazine Guernsey – the ‘Organic’ issue. Thanks to our pal Mimi Bishop for doing an ace job on the article!

Voyage of the Pork Smugglers

Digging to hell by beetroute (Please listen to this sound recording whilst reading this post) “What shall we do without our bikes?”frozen Kastoria Thanks for the photo Stelios With a kilo of pork ribs and €20 of salami packed away in our rucksack in a attempt to hide them from Turkish border control, we sat [...]

Simit, snow and staying put…for a bit

Transexual clubs, menemen, Dynasty, minimal techno and Efes Dark just some of the key components of our festive period here in Istanbul… Food vendor near Galata Bridge Panoramic view over the Bosphorus from our friend’s apartment near Taksim Square It’s taken more than a few days to consider what to write in this next post [...]

The Road to Istanbul

Night at the petrol station Having made the decision to leave Greece and head for Turkey in search of a place to spend a few of the winter months before heading further east, we now find ourselves in Istanbul. WOO HOO!!! WE’VE CYCLED FROM GUERNSEY TO ISTANBUL! Sitting drinking coffee in our friend’s seventh floor [...]

Wish you were here!

After a heavy session on the raki, Goat Peter stumbled into a very enthusiastic man brandishing a tentacled monster from the not-so deep It’s been a while since the last post… it’s been a while since we were last on the saddles. We’ve been enjoying a bit of a holiday in Crete with the folks [...]

Kit review 05/10/11

With a few days off the saddle having just arrived at the Venetian port of Xania in Crete, I thought I’d take a look at how some of our kit is fairing up to the challenge of being lugged around the World. Not sure how interesting this is for friends and family, perhaps more intended [...]

Sounds from way out!

Mary playing bazooki Church music by beetroute Playing music with our friends Antigone, Stelios, Carlos and Miko in the little church on the hill overlooking Palaios Panteleimonas in Greece Here’s a sample recording from the new sounds page on the site. Click on the photo above to listen more sounds from way out.

Macedonia… coming and going

No more Vergina Each day we usually try to finish the ride before it gets dark, however recently there have been a variety of reasons preventing us from doing so: fear of being shot by deer hunters, the aforementioned police hospitality etc… Anyway, our journey leaving Serbia and into Macedonia (or the Republic of Macedonia [...]

Police escort in Serbia

Serbian hospitality continues until the very end

Vaporized goats cheese and other smells from the road

Mmmmmmm smell that washing powder! Unless you drive very slowly with your head hanging out the window of your car and your nostrils flared and forward facing, you may not have noticed the sheer variety and pungency of smells the open road has on offer. They’re not all bad, but roadkill not yet fully dried [...]