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*Hello Croatia, szia Hungary

Sea Organ Zadar, Croatia Architectural installation that uses the sea to create atonal music using the motion of the sea to push air into pipes of varying sizes. Sitting here at a campsite in Budapest, relaxed and a bit hungover after celebrating Mary’s 33rd birthday yesterday happy birthday Mary! the church bells are chiming twelve [...]

Ice cold watermelon

UFO sighting in Firenze Clear blue skies and beautifully sunny… probably around 35° this Thursday lunchtime here in Split, Croatia. What could be a better way than to not appreciate a new day in a new and interesting country by spending it inside writing a blog entry?…. 7 hour gap… we decided it was ridiculous [...]

Alpine Fresh

Surfing Munich. Surfers on the Eisbach stream running through the English Garden in Munich. A relaxing week with our mates Hanna and Bibo in Denklingen, Southern Germany, is coming to an end and we’re now making plans for our imminent trans-alp bike ride from Germany through Austria and into Italy. Having had a taster of [...]

France 11-14

Day 14 Rothau – Strasbourg Day 13 Charmes – Rothau Day 12 Poissons – Charmes Day 11 A field near Courtavant – Poissons

A lesson to be learnt

Mary, beer and bridge We were just trying to be polite. The man with the baguette waved us on from his smug position half way across the zebra crossing. Wave, wave… after you… no, after you… non non apres vous. This carried on for long enough for it to be a bit weird and so [...]


Goodbye beach BBQ at Richmond. Our last days at work are now distant memories, the car has been sold, the bike bags are packed and loaded, celebratory alcohol has been drunk continuously for the last three weeks, tires have been pumped, one way ferry ticket to Saint Malo booked, the weather has turned…. roll on [...]

Au Soleil (To The Sun) by Josh Wedlake

Au Soleil (To The Sun) by Josh Wedlake A really nicely made animation created by Josh Wedlake telling the story of his bike ride across Eastern Europe from Berlin to Istanbul. I really like his comparison between a TV screen and the windscreen of a car. Watch it…. it’s cool.


As much as I like the idea of relying on paper maps to find our way to other side of the planet, it seeming inevitable that we’ll also have a gps with us too. Reports from other adventure cyclists on crazyguyonabike.com as well as from our pal Julian all say that if you are taking [...]

Inspirational Reading

Moods of Future Joys and Thunder & Sunshine Alastair Humphreys “Alastair Humphreys’ round the world journey of 46,000 miles was an old-fashioned adventure: long, lonely, low-budget and spontaneous. Cycling across five continents and sailing over the oceans, his ride took four years to complete, on a tiny budget of hoarded student loans.” Sat in the [...]

Le Jog 2008

Mary and the Road Way back in ’08 Mary and I decided to ride our bikes up the big hill from Landsend to John O’Groats with our old buddy Julien. Have a look at Julien’s blog to find our more about our trip. In the last two years Julien’s pushed the limits our our little [...]

South Africa

SHARK! This was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. Walking around the promenade on the coast of Durban and coming across the frenzy of sea-life (both human and fish) of the South African sardine run. Not really anything to to with this blog, but here are some photos from our trip to [...]