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Cycling Around the World – Part Two

Open publication – Free publishing – More gallery Cycling Around the World – Part Two Gallery Magazine Guernsey, Issue 14 We’re on pages 46 and 47. Thanks to our pal Mimi Bishop for putting together this tasty spread for the 14th Issue of Gallery Magazine Guernsey. Click the interactive publication above and have a read. [...]

Old Speckled Hen and Remembrance

Brown paper bag please. That’s what I needed as we rode perilously into the night. My throat tightened, my loud raspy breathing echoed in my ears, fear soaked my t-shirt and salted my fleece. So this is Panic when it greets me. Hello old friend, long time no see. Anyone who has ever heard the [...]

Stir-Fried Nerves

Ingredients: The nerves of two cyclists preferably one male and one female 1 x Huge country with an amazingly varied landscape. Now you might be able to find one in your local delicatessen or ask your friendly local butcher. As many kilometres of unbelievably bad, crumbling roads that barely scratch the sides of the cliff [...]

3274 kms Later….

It’s sunday morning, I’ve made us breakfast in bed and the smell of coffee fills our compact room in Lanzhou. Sounds from the alley come in through the window, I’ve heard drums and cymbals this morning and I imagined a huge dragon dancing to the rhythms, sellers shout their wares with sunday lethargy and try [...]

Flying along the G30

Breakfast, lunch and dinner Fifteen days from the Kazakh/ China border and we’re now about six hundred kilometres from Lanzhou, our first major goal in China, marking the completion of the first two thousand three hundred of the six thousand kilometres that we need to cover in order to cross this epic country. This first [...]

“I would do anything to come with you”

Synchronized dancing at playtime. Mary slurpin’ up some noodle soup. Curly roof details. 15,800kms down the line and we’ve made it from Guernsey (or at least Saint Malo) to China! It’s 8.30am and we’re sat in our room at a hostel in Urumqi, a huge and surprisingly cosmopolitan city isolated like an island in the [...]