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Voyage of the Pork Smugglers

Digging to hell by beetroute (Please listen to this sound recording whilst reading this post) “What shall we do without our bikes?”frozen Kastoria Thanks for the photo Stelios With a kilo of pork ribs and €20 of salami packed away in our rucksack in a attempt to hide them from Turkish border control, we sat [...]

The Road to Istanbul

Night at the petrol station Having made the decision to leave Greece and head for Turkey in search of a place to spend a few of the winter months before heading further east, we now find ourselves in Istanbul. WOO HOO!!! WE’VE CYCLED FROM GUERNSEY TO ISTANBUL! Sitting drinking coffee in our friend’s seventh floor [...]

Zeus and the bear-dogs

Camping near Mount Olympus Camping on a beach overlooked by Mount Olympus, this little fella kept us up most of the night barking and running around our tent. Too lazy (and scared) to get out of the tent, we imagined huge, salivating, vicious beasts ready to tear us to shreds. Emerging from the tent at [...]

Sounds from way out!

Mary playing bazooki Church music by beetroute Playing music with our friends Antigone, Stelios, Carlos and Miko in the little church on the hill overlooking Palaios Panteleimonas in Greece Here’s a sample recording from the new sounds page on the site. Click on the photo above to listen more sounds from way out.