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Cycling Around the World – Part Two

Open publication – Free publishing – More gallery Cycling Around the World – Part Two Gallery Magazine Guernsey, Issue 14 We’re on pages 46 and 47. Thanks to our pal Mimi Bishop for putting together this tasty spread for the 14th Issue of Gallery Magazine Guernsey. Click the interactive publication above and have a read. [...]

Kit Review 20/08/12

Kit Review 20/08/2012 Kyrgyz Fried Chicken, thanks to the very dodgy electricity supply in Central Asia. Photo courtesy of Arian Van Helden. PowerTraveller Mini-Gorilla with Busch and Muller E-WERK power supply For whatever reason, when we first tried to use the Mini-Gorilla to charge our iPhone it wouldn’t work. The iPhone would just bleep and [...]

Cycling across Iran

Cycling Across Iran A few clips from our time in Iran. Hip-Hop courtesy or Reza Chronic Accordion courtesy of Reza Number One…. thanks guys! Have a look at our Iran photos here

Turkmenistan power-break

A mini-break in Turkmenistan Ahhhhh HA HA HA!! A Turkmen woman with the standard set of gold knashers The Turkmen Time-Trial or Turkmen Dash… two of the names for the five day bike ride across this mysterious and closed country of friendly folk, gold teeth, disco-dining, barren desert, blistering sunshine, ridiculously bad road surfaces, mosquitoes [...]

Passports please

Having read several blog entries, along with warnings from the Lonely Planet, we weren’t particularly surprised when we got pulled over by two ‘plain-clothes policeman’ in an unmarked white car demanding to see our passports. If we weren’t already suspicious by the lack of any visual evidence confirming that the two had even the most [...]

The year is 1391, the country Iran

Sheikh Lutf Allah and Jameh Mosques, Esfahan. Kids riding through the winding streets of Yazd. Zoor khane. Old school air-conditioning and no photos of bikes, cycle touring or camping. still no bikes. Tucking into some delicious chicken (100 metres from the abattoir). Khamenei and Khomeini. Don’t see too much cycle touring going on in these [...]

Time off the bikes in Esfahan, Iran

Time off the bikes in Esfahan, Iran No fades, no added music. A taste of Esfahan. Just as we saw it. Just as we heard it.

Istanbul to Iran the movie

Istanbul to Iran Having had an amazing time seeing out the cold winter months in Istanbul, this is part two of our bike ride across Turkey. Banjo by Pete Guitar by Mary Turkish music by some Turkish guys in a restaurant in Istanbul Apologies for some of the dodgy audio quality

Sitting Turkeys

Sleeping in the show-room If you’ve read many other cycle-blogs then you won’t be surprised, in fact you’re probably expecting to read gushing reports of encounters with friendly and hospitable locals, tales of psychopathic dogs and beaming descriptions of stunning landscapes. I think we’ve successfully ticked these boxes, so no more of that… except for [...]