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Cycling Central Asia – The Film

Sweaty, itchy beards. Pounding 45°C desert heat. Lung-implodingly high mountain passes. Cows in lime-green Ladas. More friendly kids than an extremely enthusiastic baseball coach could high-five in the busiest of baseball seasons, and so much more vodka than even the most serious Russian alcoholic could ever dream of consuming. Months of adventure whittled down to [...]

House Warming Invitation

So here we all are, the Khorog ten. From left Tobias, Marianne, Ramon, Patrick, Victor, Moniek, Me, Hanne (aka Honkanen) Pete and Arian. Photograph: Arian Van Helden I am procrastination incarnate. So much to write but where to start… I think to myself, I know, I’ll just organise the desk in our hostel room here [...]

Kökbörü – Brutal, elegant, fast-paced and downright bloody cool!

Brutal, elegant, fast-paced and downright bloody cool! Kökbörü, the most popular national sport in Kyrgyzstan. Not so much a blog post, I just wanted to change the ‘featured image’ from being a beautiful picture of some SIM cards to something a little more exciting. Yesterday, 31st of August, marked Kyrgyzstan’s independence from the Soviet Union. [...]