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The Etiquette of Soul Theft

Sat on a tiny wooden stool, barely held together by it’s own splinters. A key-cutter some how avoids being hit by one of the infinite scooters and motorbikes that whizz past him all day. Eyes intensely staring into oblivion. A stare only possible if you’re guzzling a drink. Dry lips connect to a can of [...]

The year is 1391, the country Iran

Sheikh Lutf Allah and Jameh Mosques, Esfahan. Kids riding through the winding streets of Yazd. Zoor khane. Old school air-conditioning and no photos of bikes, cycle touring or camping. still no bikes. Tucking into some delicious chicken (100 metres from the abattoir). Khamenei and Khomeini. Don’t see too much cycle touring going on in these [...]