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Electric blankets, cold tablets and truck loads of Monks

Let’s start with the Tibetan monks shall we? There we were, up in the Grasslands, or should I say Snowlands, between Gansu and Sichuan provinces soaking up the vast landscapes, warmth of the afternoon sunshine and getting our first whiff of Tibetan life when we were overtaken by a procession of perhaps 15 cars filled [...]

Tajikistan… Last of the Pamir tourists

Sardines, vodka and AK-47s. With the comforting burn of vodka coursing through my body (and a little bit dribbling through my beard) I was shoved out of the way as the soldier reached underneith the pillow on the bed we were sitting on, and, laughing, pulled out his AK-47. He handed it over to us [...]

Simit, snow and staying put…for a bit

Transexual clubs, menemen, Dynasty, minimal techno and Efes Dark just some of the key components of our festive period here in Istanbul… Food vendor near Galata Bridge Panoramic view over the Bosphorus from our friend’s apartment near Taksim Square It’s taken more than a few days to consider what to write in this next post [...]