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Cycling Around the World – Part Two

Open publication – Free publishing – More gallery Cycling Around the World – Part Two Gallery Magazine Guernsey, Issue 14 We’re on pages 46 and 47. Thanks to our pal Mimi Bishop for putting together this tasty spread for the 14th Issue of Gallery Magazine Guernsey. Click the interactive publication above and have a read. [...]

Istanbul to Iran the movie

Istanbul to Iran Having had an amazing time seeing out the cold winter months in Istanbul, this is part two of our bike ride across Turkey. Banjo by Pete Guitar by Mary Turkish music by some Turkish guys in a restaurant in Istanbul Apologies for some of the dodgy audio quality

Head’um off at the Pass…

Ten minutes before this truck had beeped and waved at us It’s 6.10am and the sun is streaming through our 4th floor hotel room in Agri. I’ve already had a shower and washed my stinky socks in the process too. Maybe it is from spending so many nights in the tent with the light waking [...]

Sitting Turkeys

Sleeping in the show-room If you’ve read many other cycle-blogs then you won’t be surprised, in fact you’re probably expecting to read gushing reports of encounters with friendly and hospitable locals, tales of psychopathic dogs and beaming descriptions of stunning landscapes. I think we’ve successfully ticked these boxes, so no more of that… except for [...]

Collect 100 coins to progress to the next level

Sunshine in a bottle Could it be that Turkey has an abundance of Lucazade or Irn Bru? Maybe there’s a glut of cooking oil or perhaps people just like driving around with plastic bottles of watered-down honey? Over the course of two days I took about 200 photos of these glistening bottles of amber nectar [...]

Voyage of the Pork Smugglers

Digging to hell by beetroute (Please listen to this sound recording whilst reading this post) “What shall we do without our bikes?”frozen Kastoria Thanks for the photo Stelios With a kilo of pork ribs and €20 of salami packed away in our rucksack in a attempt to hide them from Turkish border control, we sat [...]

Simit, snow and staying put…for a bit

Transexual clubs, menemen, Dynasty, minimal techno and Efes Dark just some of the key components of our festive period here in Istanbul… Food vendor near Galata Bridge Panoramic view over the Bosphorus from our friend’s apartment near Taksim Square It’s taken more than a few days to consider what to write in this next post [...]

The Road to Istanbul the movie

Çeşme to Istanbul by bicycle 1 ferry 9 nights 10 days 750 kms 5 punctures (in 48 hours) Guitar music by Aaron McKenzie. Visit Aaron’s blog – abmillott.customer.netspace.net.au/Jac_and_Aaron/Welcome.html

The Road to Istanbul

Night at the petrol station Having made the decision to leave Greece and head for Turkey in search of a place to spend a few of the winter months before heading further east, we now find ourselves in Istanbul. WOO HOO!!! WE’VE CYCLED FROM GUERNSEY TO ISTANBUL! Sitting drinking coffee in our friend’s seventh floor [...]