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Dobar Dan in Serbia

Realizing that the last few posts have all been scribed by the wonderful Pete I thought I’d steal a few moments with the computer while he’s in the shower and we wild camped last night so he’ll probably be some time. We are now in Belgrade staying in a terrific hostel, newly opened this spring and [...]


So we are in Germany! We’ve made it to our friends house in Denklingen which is a smidge south west of Munich. Stunning Bavarian countryside, hilly yes, hard work on the legs, granted, but worth it.  Since our last post we’ve sampled Strasbourg, where I traded in my Washburn Rover for a bright orange yukalalie [...]

Il pleut!!! Translation: IT’S RAINING!!!

This is our first hi-carb meal of many i think! Mmmmm, Condor does it so well! Cheers Pete! I have to say being waved off by you guys was pretty tough for me, especially when you all started running after the boat!! (even Pete was trying hard not to shed tears) I on the other [...]