// Kazakhstan Visa

Applying for our first Kazakh visa

Ended up not using either the first Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan visas as we changed our plans and cycled through Iran rather than taking the boat across the Caspian Sea… damned beautiful constantly changing plans!

Consulate of Kazakhstan in Istanbul, Turkey
Florya Caddesi. 62 Senlikkoy, Florya, Istanbul
0090 212 662 53 47

Take the city train from the main station (TCDD Sirkeci Garı) to Florya.
The consulate is about a 20 minute walk from the station.

$30 for one single entry 30 day tourist visa.

You don’t have to leave your passport with them, just remember to take it with you when you go to pick up your visa.

You will be given a ticket with bank account info and told to go to Türkiye İş Bankası to pay the money into the consulate account… about a 30 minute walk from the consulate. Make sure you get to the consulate before they open at 10am, this will give you enough time to go and pay the money into the bank and return to pick your visa up in one day.

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Visa number two

Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
95-A Mira pr

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for visa processing.
Open from 9am – 12pm
6.30pm return to pick up documents

$30 for one single entry tourist visa
$60 for a double entry tourist visa

Took us two working days. Made the application on a Friday morning and went back on Monday morning with our passports. The guy said to come back the next day at 6.30pm… I politely explained that we needed them sooner as we’re cycling blah blah, time limit blah blah. No further questions, and we were told to come back later on that day!

On our first visit to the embassy to make the application the whole place seemed fairly well organized, with only about 30 other people in the queue. When we returned to pic up the visas there was over a hundred people all wanting their visas.

Take one passport photo and a photocopy of your passport. No letter of invitation or hotel bookings required.

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Visa registration


Visa sorted and ready to explore Kazakhstan? Woah there cowboy! As a tourist you have five days from the day you arrive to register your visa with the migration police. We’re not sure what happens if you don’t… but it’ll probably involve a ridiculous fine and a whole lotta hassle when you try and leave the country. We tried doing this with some traffic police on our way to Almaty, but were looked at with condescending eyes and given the world’s smallest violin gesture… suggesting we hand over our hard earned money before any help would come our way. We thought bugger that, and carried on our merry way to Almaty, where we paid a big fat $0.

Take your passport along with the migration form (that you would have been given when you crossed the border) and a photocopy of the photo page of your passport and your Kazakh visa. You can get photocopies just around the corner from the migration office (cost about 20 tenge each).

We handed our documents over at 10am and were told to pick them up at 5pm the same day. A bit of a hassle, but they were ready and waiting when we returned.

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Migration police office. Almaty, Kazakhstan