// Vietnam Visa and Extension

Vietnamese Consulate General
No. 507
Hongta Mansion
inside Kai Wah International Hotel
5th Floor
155 Beijing Road
Zip Code: 65001


Opening times 9am – 12pm, 2pm – 5pm
Monday – Friday

This was a quick and straight forward visa to get. We applied late on a Monday morning and were told to come back at 5.30pm the following Wednesday. We popped back the next day, on the off chance the visas had been processed earlier than expected… to find they were ready and waiting.

1 x 30 day, single entry tourist visa cost us 386 Yuan… more than we expected to pay, but the guy at the consulate said there were no cheaper options (ie: slower processing time).

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Vietnam Consulate General. It’s the building on the left

Visa Extension

1 x 30 day visa extension cost us $25 each.

The extension took three days through the reception of our hotel in Nha Trang, a mojor beach resort town in South-Central Vietnam (Ha Thu Hotel, 64/2 Trần Phú). We heard that you can apply for your extension directly, for the cheaper price of $10. However, we also heard that this is made to be a royal pain in the arse by government officials. So we just decided to pay the higher fee and have no hassles. As we’re running out of pages in our passports we were pleased to see that the extension was given in the form of a little stamp and not another full page sticker like the Chinese ones. Our extensions begin one day before our visas expire. We were also told by several travel agencies that you need to have at least three days left on your visa to be able to apply for the extension.

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Ha Thu Hotel
64/2 Trần Phú
Nha Trang